William Getter

Voltando a jogar Gta Vice City esse jogo  é muito foda, é um dos jogos que faz parte de minha Vida desde garoto, bons tempos….

ACCEPT - Teutonic Terror 

Ouvindo Metallica agora pela Manhã…

Kiss Udo Music Festival 2006 - Detroit Rock City 

Helloween - Future World  : Kai Hansen

If you’re out there all alone
And you don’t know where to go to
Come and take a trip with me to Future World

And if you’re running through your life
And you don’t know what the sense is
Come and look how it could be, in Future World

We all live in happiness our life is full of joy
We say the word “tomorrow” without fear
The feeling of togetherness is always at our side
We love our life and we know we will stay

Cause we all live in Future World
A world that’s full of love
Our future life will be glorious
Come with me—Future World

You say you’d like to stay,
But this is not your time
Go back, find your own way to Future World

Life can be for living
Just try and never give in
Tell everyone the way to Future World

One day you’ll live in happiness
With a heart that’s full of joy
You’ll say the word “tomorrow” without fear
The feeling of togetherness will be at your side
You’ll say you love your life and you’ll know why

Good Morning  I just take my breakfast now seeing
news on the internet and entering my social networks

Bom Dia…  acabo de tomar meu café da manhã, agora vendo noticias na internet e entrando em minhas redes sociais

Heavy Metal

Ouvindo  Blind Guardian Album: A Twist in The Muth 

    Stratovarius - Winter Skies   Live São Paulo Credicard Hall 06/05/2011 … Video que eu Gravei na Pista Premium com minha camera Filmadora  Kodak Zx1